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Christmas Trees

Fund-raising and Wholesaling is easy and profitable when you sell our fresh, quality, hand-made pine items and Christmas Trees. Choose from a wide assortment of products and receive wholesale prices based on minimum quantities. For more information please Contact Us.

Our 10-acre forest has approximately 10,000 Scotch and White Pine Trees in various stages of growth. The tallest trees are approximately 10 feet. Trees heights of 8-9 feet & 7-8 feet are available along with the a large assortment of 6-7 foot trees. Smaller trees are located on the farm ranging in size from 5 feet all the way down to 1 foot. 

An assortment of species of Precut Trees are available for purchase. Balled & Burlap Scotch Pine and White Pine Trees are available. They make a wonderful choice for families wishing to plant their Christmas Tree following the holiday season. These trees can be enjoyed for years and years. The prices on Precut and Balled & Burlap Trees will vary. 

How to Tell White and Scotch Pine Apart?

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White Pine Tree

Field_Pictures___Horses_Oct[1]._2005_015.jpg (1472971 bytes)

White Pine Branches

Field_Pictures___Horses_Oct[1]._2005_011.jpg (1528891 bytes)

Scotch Pine Tree

Field_Pictures___Horses_Oct[1]._2005_013.jpg (1711557 bytes)

Scotch Pine Branches

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 For Retail Sales, please see our "Visit Us" page
or for more information on local delivery please call:

Call for information on wholesale pricing:

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