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About Us

Established in 1996, Christmas Traditions is a family owned business. We believe in family traditions, especially those surrounding the Christmas holiday season. We want to help you create wonderful, meaningful memories of the Christmas season.

2003-Katilyn-Alyssa.jpg (167798 bytes)

Kaitlyn & Alyssa

Joe, along with Alyssa and Kaitlyn,
select a tree for Christmas!

Doing things together as a family is how our farm came to exist. These are the memories that we will think of fondly. Help your family create Christmas Traditions of your own. The sights and smells of the holiday season are wonderful. A fresh cut Christmas tree, garland roping, wreaths and swags are a wonderful addition to any home during the holidays! We bet you still can remember those wonderful scents of fresh pine.

Owners Joseph and Jennifer, started the family business in 1996. Their tree farm is known as Christmas Traditions, and is situated in Wright City, Missouri the heart of the United States. 


Jennifer and Joe
the early years

Kaitlyn plants a tree!

Everyone helps, it is truly a family business, daughters Kaitlyn & Alyssa help plant trees along with Grandpa Joe Seiller, aunts, uncles, nephews and nieces! 

2003-GrandpaJoe.jpg (100601 bytes)
Grandpa Joe

They all have worked very hard to make the tree farm what it is today and into the future!

2FH000036.jpg (1581677 bytes)
from left clockwise...
Joe, Kaitlyn, Jennifer and Alyssa

2003-Katilyn-Alyssa02.jpg (174163 bytes)
Kaitlyn & Alyssa

2003-JoeJenSanta.jpg (131775 bytes)
Joe, Santa & Jennifer

Our newest Family Members:

Field_Pictures___Horses_Oct[1]._2005_086.jpg (605534 bytes)

Field_Pictures___Horses_Oct[1]._2005_088.jpg (821758 bytes)

051201-photo4.JPEG (51573 bytes)
Kaitlyn & Hope

Our Family Farm on a Snowy Day

our future!

Have questions? Need help?

We would be glad to help you; simply contact us (636) 745-7488

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         Captain Jack's Christmas Tree Farm Network
Christmas Traditions is a member of 
the Missouri Christmas Tree Association,
the Mid-America Christmas Tree Association
and the Captain Jack's Christmas Tree Farm Network.

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